E-commerce Solutions

E- commerce solutions:

Biggies like Amazon and Alibaba have been skimming the fresh cream off the e- commerce market for so long that it has attracted other companies to the gains of online business as well. There is a reason why e-commerce is becoming a part of culture.


If your business is yet not exercising E-commerce, then you are losing on a very important battle. Reasons to explore e-commerce are:

  • 5 billion active users are on internet according to statista.
  • 1 billion online buyers worldwide and 30 crores in India.
  • E-commerce revenue generation in India – 30 billion US $ in 2019.
  • SEO boosted e-commerce sites register higher ROI.
  • 24/7 transactions increase revenue.

Our E-commerce services:

Our vast and expanding list of e-commerce services are unparalleled in the industry and with each client, we grow stronger and stronger in delivering par performances. We provide certified solutions in:

  1. E-commerce SEO and PPC: We provide organic as well as paid promotion to increase the SERP rankings of e-commerce websites. It is highly significant as it increases the number of relevant customers multiple times. Tools we use include All in one SEO, google AdSense, console, etc.
  2. E-commerce with CMS: CMS based websites are extremely popular among business giants like Nike and Adidas. CMS platforms we develop are:
  • Woocommerce
  • WordPress e-commerce
  • Opencart e-commerce
  • Prestashop e- commerce
  • Magneto e-commerce
  1. AJAX enabled e-commerce solutions: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is used to create more interactive and visually appealing graphic designs for a website.
  2. Custom e-commerce development: Your website, your design. We put your vision above everything else and deliver a customized solution as per your needs and services.
  3. E-commerce in php, java and ERP: Php and java language-based e-commerce websites are easy to operate and highly preferable for CMS platforms.
  4. Payment gateway solutions: We develop websites which offer both cash free and cash-based payment gateways.

Cash free gateways: 1) Paytm2) UPI 3) Googlepay 4) Credit/debit cards 5) Netbanking

  1. Creating dynamic website: Visually appealing websites usually contain videos and graphics which change within a limited time frame. Dynamic website contains information that changes, depending on the viewer, the time of the day, native language of viewer’s and other factors.
  2. Static to dynamic website conversion: We also offer conversion from static to dynamic website. Dynamic websites are more popular now a days as they offer visually pleasing experience with simplified navigations.
  3. Website Design and development: Creating a website from scratch to nurture it according to the specifications of clients, we use tools like java, php, wordpress and more.
  4. Creating flash/static websites: HTML, CSS and javascript encoded static websites displays fixed content to the viewers.
  5. Website promotion: Promoting websites across social media platforms and search engines using SEO and SMO tools.


What sets us apart from others?

E- commerce is not only about launching a website and putting an online inventory. Your website is of no use if you can’t draw enough audience and convert them into buyers.

We help you to multiply and retain customers as our e-commerce platforms are based on:

  • Safe and secure gateways
  • Lightning fast loading
  • Interactive user interface
  • Easy to navigate
  • Instant supporting staff
  • conversion optimization