Social Media Management

Social Media Optimization:

Social media is a huge platform for growing businesses. Almost everybody uses applications like youtube, instagram and facebook today. Gaining followers on social media and managing interactions with them is not an easy task. Hence, our smo executives perform the significant task of efficiently promoting your content on social media platforms. This includes the use of social media sites, video sites as well as RSS feed, bookmarking sites and blogging sites for driving traffic to the website and improving the site’s organic search results.


Online presence is critical across all platforms and here’s why you need SMO today like never:

1.     Lead Generation: Tapping into social media channels can transform the lead generation campaigns significantly.

2.     Improves Search Engine Ranking: Since search engines have started acquiring data from social media channels such as Google+ and showing them on the search results, SMO has gained prominence among marketers.

3.     Brand Awareness: They are the best platform to make your brand name visible to large groups and make people realize the motto your company/ business or your brand stands

4.     SMO provides marketing with nominal Investment.

5.     Increase in Sales: Good reviews and huge following can bring tremendous opportunities for business.

6.     Builds strong web presence: It introduces business to the new people and helps in improving brand visibility and recall.

7.     Increases the Reach: SMO allows businesses to identify their target customers as well as widen their reach to get customers from different corners of the world.

8.     Drive More TrafficSocial media promotion helps more customers to divert to business website which helps to increase overall traffic on the website.



SOCIAL MEDIA MARKET / PRESENCE ANALYSIS: We help to assess our client’s social media presence through SWOT analysis and comparing their social media presence as compared to the competitors.

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY FORMULATION: We Identify your buyer persons, then do a little research to determine which social media sites they may be on where they are most likely to engage with your company.

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY EXECUTION: Our team monitors the content and posts sharing for our clients.

CREATIVE CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: Our social media experts deliver creative content (posters, flyers, interactive videos) for top social media networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and more.

CONTENT SHARING AND INTERACTION WITH THE AUDIENCE: Just posting the content and forwarding it to your family friends would not help you to gain presence, you need to make sure that every content reaches the target audience consistently and highlight your ‘X-factor’. We offer consistent monitoring and interplay with the followers to promote your brand.

SOCIAL MEDIA SUPPORT: Constant feedback and query solutions need to be responded As soon as possible to build a good Social media reputation. We make sure our client never falls behind in this race.

ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS: Advertising campaigns are the groups of advertising messages which are similar in theme but may contain different types of media like poster, videos, gifs, template, etc. These are customized to resonate with the idea which the business wants to communicate.

BLOGGING AND MICROSITES: Blogs and microsites are sub-sites that focus on a single campaign and help to generate leads for an offer. They also contribute towards increasing traffic to the primary page.



  • Facebook: Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites. It has more than 2 billion users across the world. Interacting with even some of these users can increase the percentage of traffic on your page. We employ tactics like attaching Facebook plugins to your website, posting fresh, interactive, and fun content including videos, trivia questions and polls, optimizing the keywords in Information Section, and many more.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a user friendly and time-saving microblogging site. As compared to other blogging sites that require comprehensive content writing, twitter just needs 280 characters or lesser content for an update. We help you to optimize your twitter page by offering services like twitter account set-up and configuration, customizing and branding twitter account, feeding integration with website, blog, and other social media sites to maximize your reach, designing your Twitter icon and more.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is an online platform where you can pin an image, quote, and any other visual content you like. Users can re-pin it to share with others. Pinterest users are more likely to show interest in new brands so it’s an excellent platform to include in your Social Media Optimization campaigns. It also has more percentage of female users as compared to males therefore female product brands can utilize the best of this platform.
  • LinkedIn: Linked is a social platform for companies, employees, and aspiring employee-employers to interact with each other. It is also highly effective for hiring employees. Our LinkedIn services include: Intelligence gathering, Industrial relationship, and brand building to reap the full benefits of LinkedIn networking, daily follow-ups of viewership and sales, converting leads into customers, engaging users through newsletters, notifications, follow-ups, polls, etc.
  • INSTAGRAM: Instagram is widely popular for imagery and video content promotions. To make content more popular on Instagram, we make sure to keep the post content short and crisp, use target specific hashtags, live stream, post new, and engaging content.